Friday, September 2, 2016

Saturday, July 9, 2016

SportsWatcherss New Look: Comming Soon

            We are excited to announce that our website is going under construction. While we are disappointed that we cannot continue to execute the website the way we were at this very moment, we are designing a website to give you the safest, easiest, and smoothest  website on the web. Our concepts and values will remain the same. Therefore, there will be no complete surprises when it comes to who we are and what we do for our returning customers as well as our new customers. While we are in the process of creating our website, we will have a launch page up and running within the next few days. On the launch page,  a registration form will be available. If you register before the official launch,  you will have access to the website a week prior to public release, and will be eligible to win many cool prizes that we will announce within the near future. Thank you for your love and support as we continue to improve what we do for you!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ben Simmons Signs with Nike

Before stepping onto an NBA court, Ben Simmons already has a locked up a deal with Nike. Simmons and Nike agreed on a five year,  7.5 million dollar shoe deal. For Simmons , it came down to either Adidas or Nike. According to reports , Simmons had the choice to sign with either Nike or Adidas. While Adidas did offer more incentives and more money, Simmons chose to stick with Nike. If Simmons lives up to the hype during his first five seasons, Simmons will be expected to have a much larger contract. At the same time, that will allow for other companies to go pursue Simmons. But for now, he's the newest member of Nike.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So What is SportsWatcherss?

My company, SportsWatcherss, has a brand new site. It looks completely looks different from the one that we had in the past. Well, there is a reason for that. With our new website, we have finally, finally, finally made a site that people can BUY, SELL, and TRADE sports items on! This has been a goal of ours for a while, so we are proud to now allow any and everyone to be able to do these things amongst each other. 

SportsWatcherss is an online marketplace. When you think of SportsWatcherss, think of a site very similar to Amazon or eBay. On those sites, users can do three things: buy products, sell products, and trade products. The difference between us and them is that we cater to a particular market. We cater to the sports and fitness industry.  Our site makes it easier and better to find anything that people want when it pertains to finding sports items. In a marketplace , people can get a variety of items, even if the items are similar. This gives users many different choices to pick from. The beauty of the market is that it's run by: you, the people. The people are the ones who can purchase items if they like, sell items if they like, and trade items with others if they like.  

Just as our website allows users to sell goods on the site, we also allow businesses to sell their respected items. This can benefit a business in many ways. Selling goods on our marketplace allows for businesses to sell on more than just their site. In addition, our transaction rate of just 8% on all items is lower than most of our competitors. 

While our main focus is the marketplace, we do also have additional features. If you click on our menu bar, we do have a blog in which we write articles about technology, health, and business within the sports industry. Our newest feature is the creation of our snapchat filters. We now create snapchat filters for sports events. This would serve as an excellent marketing tool for organizations since many teens and young adults use Snapchat. This would be cool for participants as well, as this would let them show the world how cool the event they are at truly is!

Here at SportsWatcherss, we strive to make our website a  community. As a company, we promise to do the best that we can to cater to the needs of you, members of the SportsWatcherss family.  You can register as a user on 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Do you like the referee's two minute review?

During this year's playoffs, the NBA referee committee has publicly reviewed the last two minutes of each game to see whether or not missed calls were made. After doing that, they have publicly announced which were deemed as "missed calls or not". While it does seem as an attempt to show fans that they are trying to correct their mistakes, some people have mixed reactions towards it. Some feel that it's not very smart of the NBA because these announced mistakes do not change the outcome of the day. Some however, feel that it is important for them to admit to their mistakes. How do you feel about it?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March Madness Bracket

For those who don't know, March Madness is upon us! Here is the bracket of the field of 64. Who do you have winning?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

App Review: Sport On

Being in the sports technology world, I have always found interest in finding out about how technology would be impacting sports. While there are a plethora of new applications to choose from, one that caught my eye was an app by the name of Sport On. Sport On is a sports app that allows it's users to a number of different things in order for them to follow their favorite teams and truly be a sports team. Let's view a few of the different features that Sport On has to offer. 

Upon opening the app and creating an account, the leftmost section within the app is the "Chats" section. Within this section, you and your friends can hide their own chats. This is especially fun during games and events in which people aren't together. This is beneficial because it's not like everyone has to have an iPhone in order to have a clean and fast group chat, especially when it pertains to sports. In addition, it being a sports app allows for other things. For example, if two people want to argue about who has more points during the Warriors - Cavs game, they don't have to leave the app to do so. This is definitely a feature that users should take advantage of with their friends. 


The Sports app currently contains four different sports: basketball, football, soccer, and cricket. In this section, users can select one sports are view all of the events that have taken place from the three past days all the way up to the end of the season. This feature is an easy way to view all of the things that are happening during that particular season. 


This is my favorite part of the app. This feature allows for the user to customize what they want to see. For example, in my Arena, I have the Miami Heat, Barcelona, and the Arizona Cardinals. Each of these teams are from different sports, but I have them all in this one particular section. This section allows me to keep up with both teams at the exact same time if I were to be out and about during a particular game. I can also check previous game stats to see how my favorite teams have performed. This section is great for fans that only want to check up on their favorite teams and not an entire league. 

Overall , I think that this is the kind of app that sports fans need. It's a really well designed app, from the detailed sports icons, to the maneuvering between sections. It's focus is good , and will only get better as they continue to grow. If you want to see more , either go on or to the App Store and download it for yourself!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Marketing Dollars At Work: Kia Seen Throughout All of This Weekend

     For a couple of years, we have seen Kia's involvement with the NBA increase. At one time, many people have never even knew what a Kia car was. Now, every NBA watcher is more than aware of Kia and what they stand for. Kia has made it's presence known. In 2011, Blake Griffin used a Kia car to jump over during the 2011 dunk contest. Each and every year since then, Kia has only grown in it's partnership with the NBA. Fast forward 5 years, and now, just about every award has the word "Kia" in front of it, including Russell Westbrook's NBA All-Star MVP award,
Blake Griffin dunking over a Kia Car during the 2011 dunk contest. 

     Since extending their partnership in 2011, Kia's name is included in the NBA MVP award, most improved player, sixth man of the year , and the defensive player of the year award. According to, Kia sells have increased each year since  partnering up with the NBA. As recent as 2014, Kia became of the official sponsor of the WNBA and the D-League.The most recent huge commercials that Kia has been promoting are the ones that feature LeBron James. The tag line within the commercials are "Fit for a  King".

    As this marriage between Kia and the NBA continues, look for Kia to be featured in even more items. Kia has been the face of the automotive sponsors in the NBA, and they plan on continuing to dominate in that area.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

SportsWatcherss' Monthly Community Run

Here at SportsWatcherss, we promote four aspects of sports: events, health, business, and technology. When pertaining to health, we originally wanted to maybe put up a few tips for people to follow as they workout. But as time went on, we realized that something like that is already out there if people really want it. Re-focusing on health, we have decided to be more personal in our approach. Therefore, in order to promote health and encourage people to take a serious look at health, we came up with the idea of hosting a cardio run once a month to the public.

One thing that we wanted to make clear was that the main purpose of this was to encourage cardio exercise. Therefore, we decided to hire up and coming trainer Kyle Livingston to manage the run, but make it free for all participants. Health is one of the most important things to have in life. If you aren't healthy , it's hard to do anything else. If your favorite athlete isn't healthy, then they can't participate in the sport they love. So like our favorite athletes, let get in shape and work towards a healthy lifestyle. If you are currently living in the Miami, Ft.Lauderdale, or Palm Beach area, take a look at the flyer for more details about this run. Share this information with anyone that you believe would be interested in participating. If you are interested in participating, go to and fill out the tiny form. This will allow us to account for you as we prepare the goodies that we have in store for you.

As we are trying to make this movement grow outside of Miami and outside of Florida, if you know of any trainer that would be willing to host a run in a community near you, e-mail us at 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Was Your Favorite Player Picked?

Last week, the NBA All-Star teams were picked. While many were happy with the selections, some were not. Here is a list of both the West All-Stars and the East All-Stars:

East All-Stars
Carmelo Anthony
Dwyane Wade
LeBron James
Chris Bosh
Jimmy Butler
Andre Drummond
DeMar Derozan
Paul George
Kyle Lowry
Paul Milsap
Isaiah Thomas
John Wall

West All-Stars
Kobe Bryant
Russell Westbrook
Kevin Durant
Steph Curry
Draymond Green
Klay Thompson
LaMarcus Aldridge
James Harden
Chris Paul
Kawhi Leonard

So who got snubbed? Let's discuss this.