Monday, February 15, 2016

Marketing Dollars At Work: Kia Seen Throughout All of This Weekend

     For a couple of years, we have seen Kia's involvement with the NBA increase. At one time, many people have never even knew what a Kia car was. Now, every NBA watcher is more than aware of Kia and what they stand for. Kia has made it's presence known. In 2011, Blake Griffin used a Kia car to jump over during the 2011 dunk contest. Each and every year since then, Kia has only grown in it's partnership with the NBA. Fast forward 5 years, and now, just about every award has the word "Kia" in front of it, including Russell Westbrook's NBA All-Star MVP award,
Blake Griffin dunking over a Kia Car during the 2011 dunk contest. 

     Since extending their partnership in 2011, Kia's name is included in the NBA MVP award, most improved player, sixth man of the year , and the defensive player of the year award. According to, Kia sells have increased each year since  partnering up with the NBA. As recent as 2014, Kia became of the official sponsor of the WNBA and the D-League.The most recent huge commercials that Kia has been promoting are the ones that feature LeBron James. The tag line within the commercials are "Fit for a  King".

    As this marriage between Kia and the NBA continues, look for Kia to be featured in even more items. Kia has been the face of the automotive sponsors in the NBA, and they plan on continuing to dominate in that area.