Tuesday, February 23, 2016

App Review: Sport On

Being in the sports technology world, I have always found interest in finding out about how technology would be impacting sports. While there are a plethora of new applications to choose from, one that caught my eye was an app by the name of Sport On. Sport On is a sports app that allows it's users to a number of different things in order for them to follow their favorite teams and truly be a sports team. Let's view a few of the different features that Sport On has to offer. 

Upon opening the app and creating an account, the leftmost section within the app is the "Chats" section. Within this section, you and your friends can hide their own chats. This is especially fun during games and events in which people aren't together. This is beneficial because it's not like everyone has to have an iPhone in order to have a clean and fast group chat, especially when it pertains to sports. In addition, it being a sports app allows for other things. For example, if two people want to argue about who has more points during the Warriors - Cavs game, they don't have to leave the app to do so. This is definitely a feature that users should take advantage of with their friends. 


The Sports app currently contains four different sports: basketball, football, soccer, and cricket. In this section, users can select one sports are view all of the events that have taken place from the three past days all the way up to the end of the season. This feature is an easy way to view all of the things that are happening during that particular season. 


This is my favorite part of the app. This feature allows for the user to customize what they want to see. For example, in my Arena, I have the Miami Heat, Barcelona, and the Arizona Cardinals. Each of these teams are from different sports, but I have them all in this one particular section. This section allows me to keep up with both teams at the exact same time if I were to be out and about during a particular game. I can also check previous game stats to see how my favorite teams have performed. This section is great for fans that only want to check up on their favorite teams and not an entire league. 

Overall , I think that this is the kind of app that sports fans need. It's a really well designed app, from the detailed sports icons, to the maneuvering between sections. It's focus is good , and will only get better as they continue to grow. If you want to see more , either go on www.sporton.com or to the App Store and download it for yourself!