Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So What is SportsWatcherss?

My company, SportsWatcherss, has a brand new site. It looks completely looks different from the one that we had in the past. Well, there is a reason for that. With our new website, we have finally, finally, finally made a site that people can BUY, SELL, and TRADE sports items on! This has been a goal of ours for a while, so we are proud to now allow any and everyone to be able to do these things amongst each other. 

SportsWatcherss is an online marketplace. When you think of SportsWatcherss, think of a site very similar to Amazon or eBay. On those sites, users can do three things: buy products, sell products, and trade products. The difference between us and them is that we cater to a particular market. We cater to the sports and fitness industry.  Our site makes it easier and better to find anything that people want when it pertains to finding sports items. In a marketplace , people can get a variety of items, even if the items are similar. This gives users many different choices to pick from. The beauty of the market is that it's run by: you, the people. The people are the ones who can purchase items if they like, sell items if they like, and trade items with others if they like.  

Just as our website allows users to sell goods on the site, we also allow businesses to sell their respected items. This can benefit a business in many ways. Selling goods on our marketplace allows for businesses to sell on more than just their site. In addition, our transaction rate of just 8% on all items is lower than most of our competitors. 

While our main focus is the marketplace, we do also have additional features. If you click on our menu bar, we do have a blog in which we write articles about technology, health, and business within the sports industry. Our newest feature is the creation of our snapchat filters. We now create snapchat filters for sports events. This would serve as an excellent marketing tool for organizations since many teens and young adults use Snapchat. This would be cool for participants as well, as this would let them show the world how cool the event they are at truly is!

Here at SportsWatcherss, we strive to make our website a  community. As a company, we promise to do the best that we can to cater to the needs of you, members of the SportsWatcherss family.  You can register as a user on www.sportswatcherss.com.